ep.18 - the_dreamstalks

ep.18 - the_dreamstalks

-OR- Boogiefoot, The Saddest Little Indian

"We’re a comedic bend and we sing funny songs.” 
I could have stopped us right there, but I didn’t, because you need to know more about Karen Bray and Zack Miko a.k.a. the Dreamstalks. 

I also needed to worm my way into their television show.

Spoilers for Billy Zane’s The Phantom and Bill Cosby’s Ghost Dad.

Note: At 6:47, you’ll get to hear the best laugh ever.

ep. 17 - erin_salm

ep. 17 - erin_salm

-OR- Butterfly Petting Zoo: The Podcast

And we’re back.

Presenting the haughtiest nerdress you’ll ever meet…Erin Salm, whose last name is a soothing mantra.

Say it. Out loud. Now.

Erin and I discuss the differences between being a nerd and a geek, poop, and, of course, her own podcast, The Haughty Nerdress.

We also provoke lawsuits from the Just Right people and the estates of both Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte.


ep. 16 - philip_tucker

ep. 16 - philip_tucker

- OR - Spamdancers / Slamdancers: The Podcast

It’s been a long time coming…

Author, good friend and SSA agent Phil W.F. Tucker sits down with me and discusses writing, the pros and cons of self-publishing and one of the most horrifying things that happened to cats in the 14th century.

Also, we singlehandedly bring back the Trololo Man.

NOTE: The noise you hear around minute forty one is the sound of Philip tickling me.


ep.15 -graham_skipper

ep.15 - graham_skipper

- OR - I Stepped In Something…Then Something Stepped In Me


Friend, actor, horror aficionado and, based on some details from our conversation, potential serial killer, Graham Skipper and I discuss the nature of horror: what scares us, what tries to scare us and fails and what is so weird you’re not sure whether to be scared or not.

Also, the co-eds in his basement.

ep.14 - danny_hyde

ep.14 - danny_hyde

- OR - Diagrams Of The Hidden Masters: The Podcast

One of the men responsible for some of the strangest and most disturbing music i’ve ever heard; I present to you…Danny Hyde, creator of demented sounds, honorary member of Coil and current winner of the best broken bone story. 

Danny and I discuss how he and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson birthed the unforgettable version of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” which introduced a generation to Se7en, his favorite moments creating madness with Coil and much more.

Special thanks to Leviathant and the Echoing The Sound community for sparking this.

Also, “Pod” = “Chris Vrenna”

ep.13 - jim_potenza

ep.13 - jim_potenza

-OR- Tabouli Rasa, The Tap-Assassin: The Podcast

What do space docking, Brazilian jujitsu and the longest and, perhaps, most badly-suited-to-a-medium-with-no-visual-component joke ever told have in common?

Jim Potenza.


Take note as we break all the rules.

Mainly the one about looking at the microphone while talking.


ep.12 - mother_feather

ep.12 - mother_feather

-OR- Whipcrack!: The Podcast

To actually be in the presence of all of Mother Feather would be akin to jumping, naked, into a volcano, thus, I sat down with the most vocal 2/5ths of the band, which still burned all the hair off of my body.

Experience the ebullience and refulgence that is Ann Courtney and Lizzie Carena as they sit down with me and engage in some Pop Cock Rock Talk.

PLUS hear a BRAND NEW TRACK from their forthcoming Living / Breathing EP!

ep.11 - david_alan_mack

ep.11 - david_alan_mack

- OR - Will Wheaton Likes My Pants:The Podcast

To usher in wave_2, I sit down with the author of The Calling, Wolverine: Road of Bones and the New York Times Bestselling seres Star Trek: Cold Equations.

We also discuss his “benign mental break” which manifested in an obsession with rabbits, the intricacies of David Fincher’s “Janie’s Got A Gun” music video and how he would end things in the Star Trek universe.
Welcome back, digressers.

ep. bizzaro - paul_guyet

-OR- (insert clever name here): The Podcast

Recorded without ANY prep on the evening of Paul Guyet’s bachelor party…

A special thank you to guest hosts, William Pomerantz and Philip Tucker


-OR- Too Many Muffins…Too Many Muffins?!: The Podcast

What happens to geek girls when they grow up (assuming that geek girls ever REALLY grow up)?

Why, they become Geek Moms, of course!

In a totally unplanned yet impressively apropos display of bookending panache, I give you Amy Kraft: game designer, blogger, children’s media honcho.

We wrap up the first wave of digressive_obscenity by discovering what changed her from a mom who is a geek into a Geek Mom.


-OR- Homoerotic Stellarsphere: The Podcast

You want some juxtaposition?

First, we discuss Dan’s idea for lettuce boxes, then, we go into WAAAY too much detail aboutA Serbian Film, next, teapot collecting, and, finally, Prince vs. Michael Jackson.

It’s the ultimate penultimate episode of digressive_obscenity.



-OR- Spin Flippy WHAT WHAT??!!: The Podcast

Entrepreneur and firebrand, Caro Harrison, sits down with me and reveals her origins, the origins of her empire, Reign Imperiale and how “Musicology” isn’t just a funky Prince album.


-OR- Translucent Pony Toes: The Podcast

Amy Pugh is small…like the exploding heart of a millions suns is small.

Befriended over a decade ago at Fordham, Amy entered the music industry, moving from EMI to Universal, where she now resides as an account director. We take a good, long look at the music industry, as it was, as it is and as it might be, and Amy tries to convince me that it is not, contrary to what Trent Reznor says, dying and/or already dead.


-OR- Hip-Huggers Lament: The Podcast

Five words: She was a Spaceship Inspector.

You want more?

She graduated from the International Space University.

The International. Space. University.

*drops mic*


-OR- Monkey Shotgun: The Podcast (not to be confused with Monkey Shogun: The Podcast, Samurai Gibbon: The Podcast or Chimp Ninja: The Podcast)

Alex, once my college roommate at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, now in Ad Sales for ABC Family, reflects on his time spent sleeping mere feet from me, and its potential effect on his sperm count.

Plus, the Chip ‘N’ Dale Conspiracy continues…